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GreekLifeClothing is a division of BSW Group, a printing and graphics design company with more than 30 years of experience in screen printing, embroidery services, and graphic design work for both individuals, organizations and corporations.  Quality and value are the hallmarks of BSW Group,  we assure our customers that our products are of superior quality and our prices are competitive and reasonable.

At GreekLifeClothing quality control is maintained through out the creative and manufacturing processes.  Our products are the result of our design team and buyer, who endeavor to locate the best of materials, resulting in interesting and unique apparel and logos.  Another major aspect of our business is custom printing, where the volume can be one dozen or as many items as needed.  In short, we can fulfill virtually any order including just one item.

Because of our many years in the printing and graphic design business, we have established industry wide relationships with our suppliers, which have resulted in preferred pricing arrangements.  Check out our prices and see for yourself.

Remember, if you have a Rush , a party, or any other event planned you need to talk to us for Greek Apparel.

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Ordering Tips
Watch when they talk
about weight of the garment.  Heavyweight is not the
premium weight. Look more
at the ounce weight. 


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